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Kolanhomm is a small kingdom in central Urope ruled by the benevolent Johannes IX.

Herein you will find all manner of information concerning Kolanhomm, it's army, peoples and traditions as well as its victories and defeats in the Great Seven Years War.

As new articles are published, the older ones are available in the Royal Archives and linked in the right-hand column.

In Service to the King,

Count Bergstein

Royal Chronicler of Kolanhomm


Von Schmetterling Infantry Regiment

This is the uniform of the Von Schmetterling Infantry Regiment of the Grand Ducal Army.

Founded in 1701, they saw service in the campaigns of 1704 - 1705 before being sent to Portugal with the Anglo-Dutch army in 1706 where they were virtually destroyed at Battle of Almansa.

Recruited back to full strength in 1708 the served as garrison troops until the Treaty of Utrecht. The regiment is second in army seniority, only the Lieb Grenadiers having precedence over them.

Initially just a single battalion regiment, a second battalion was raised as part of the army reforms of 1749.

At full strength the regiment musters 8 musketeer and two grenadier companies for a total of 1,750 officers and men, plus 9 Artillery specialists.

When the army takes to the field, the Grenadiers are merged to form a single 4 company battalion.

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