Welcome to Kolanhomm mein Herren

Kolanhomm is a small kingdom in central Urope ruled by the benevolent Johannes IX.

Herein you will find all manner of information concerning Kolanhomm, it's army, peoples and traditions as well as its victories and defeats in the Great Seven Years War.

As new articles are published, the older ones are available in the Royal Archives and linked in the right-hand column.

In Service to the King,

Count Bergstein

Royal Chronicler of Kolanhomm


First Units Arrive

Five weeks since the bare metal arrived, the first units are ready to parade.

The first picture shows the two battalions of the Von Schmetterling Infantry Regiment alongside the Markgraf Hussen/Von Schmetterling Grenadiers, a 3pdr gun detachment and General Hermann von Kruger, commander of the Second Brigade.

The other shows the Klinkerhoffen Dragoons and the Franzotzich Jaegers.

The figures are the rather large '15mm' sold by Lancashire Games.

Rumour has it that the perfidious Swedes have landed and are marching south towards the Duchy and contact is expected very soon. Thus more of the Grand Ducal army has been mobilised, and a detachment of Prussians are marching to assist the Duchy as well. Despite this not being the ideal season for campaigning, a battle is expected soon.

In Service to the Duke


How it all began.

Although I've been gaming with metal figures for over 35 years, the SYW never really interested me until recently.

In early September 2008, I took the plunge and decided to start building a pair of armies for the period, Prussian and Swede. Although I wanted to build armies with sizeable battalions and regiments, I didn't have a rule set in mind. I also want to use this as a chance to build up my own Imagi-nation, the Grand Duchy of Kolanhomm.

My first batch of new metal arrived from lancashire Games at the end of September, and I started painting. I'll update this blog as I go along.