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Kolanhomm is a small kingdom in central Urope ruled by the benevolent Johannes IX.

Herein you will find all manner of information concerning Kolanhomm, it's army, peoples and traditions as well as its victories and defeats in the Great Seven Years War.

As new articles are published, the older ones are available in the Royal Archives and linked in the right-hand column.

In Service to the King,

Count Bergstein

Royal Chronicler of Kolanhomm


Army Structure

As the time for war grows close, His Higness the Duke has asked me to set down how our army is organised and will be deployed in time of battle.

The army of our Duchy comprises of 5 regiments of Foot, 4 of Horse and the Artillery regiment. In time of extreme danger there is also the Loyal Militia. In order of seniority the regiments of Foot are -

Von Schmetterling
Markgraf Hussen

The Lieb has 10 musketeer companies while the other Foot have 10 musketeer and 2 grenadier. When on campaign, the grenadier companies are merged to create 2 grenadier battlions. These are normally brigaded with the Lieb regiment to form the armies first Brigade.

The second brigade is composed of the Von Schmetterling and Markgraf Hussen regiments and the Von Bothmer and Baron Katte regiments make up the third brigade.

Each Foot regiment includes two 3pdr guns commanded by the junior lieutenant. Each gun has two NCO's appointed by the Artillery regiment, and the balance of the gun crew is drawn from the regiment itself. In wartime, these guns are grouped into Brigade batteries. The Lieb regiment has four 3pdr guns, so the first brigade also has a complete Brigade battery.

The Horse comprise -

Lieb Ryttar
Klinkerhof Dragoons
Munchplitz Dragoons
Mantrow Hussars

The Ryttar wear black cuirasses and are the senior regiment in the army. Each cavalry regiment has eight companies grouped into four squadrons.

The artillery regiment comprises five companies -
No 1 company 4 x 18 pdr - Garrison Artillery at Grafstein
No 2 company 4 x 18 pdr - Garrison Artillery at Kaubenstein
No 3 company 6 x 12 pdr - Army reserve battery
No 4 Company 4 x 6 pdr - Army Heavy battery
No 5 Company is responsible for training and assigning NCO's to the regimental gun batteries. It also provides technical support and tests new guns before they are sent to regular units.

Finally there are the Loyal Militia regiments. Each comprises 4 fusileer companies based on a local town or group of parishes.


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